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Amazon Ads

Amazon PPC Campaigns or Sponsored Ads

Certified Amazon Sponsored Products Ads Ninja!


Proven record of achieving Lowest PPC ACoS Possible for Sponsored Ads, having more than five years of experience working with Amazon Ads, and more than ten years of working with digital PPC campaigns.


  • Boost Traffic, Sales and BSR

  • Advanced Keyword Research with Paid Tools

  • Multiple PPC Campaigns Setup

  • Placements & Dynamic Bid Settings

  • Campaign Audit & Analysis


PPC Campaign (Sponsored Ads) Process


1. Campaign Setup: Auto and Manual

The auto campaign will return trendy and hidden key-words, Manual campaigns with key-words are more controlled campaigns to attain good ACOS.


2. Review and Analysis

All campaigns need to be revised to attain the best ACOS by analyzing reports, removing non-performing, irrelevant keywords and more.


3. On-Going Management (Strategic Broad To Narrow)

Campaign monitoring and actions based on the performances on a daily & weekly basis to have the best ACOS.

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